May 272011
Dustin Experiences Deja Vu With Hangover II

Here’s the deal, go read my review from The Hangover from two years ago. ¬†No, seriously I’ll give you a few minutes. ¬†Take your time. Ok, are you finished? ¬†Great, you’ve read my review of The Hangover II. ¬†Only this time imagine there’s little surprise and a lot of stuff is overblown to try and [...]

Aug 112010
Breachcast 50

This week we discuss Matthew Vaughn’s thoughts on the comic book film genre, Kelly Brook in Piranha 3D, Channing Tatum starring and producing The Contortionist’s Handbook, Zach Galifianakis’ beard, Kevin Smith’s Red State, Cinemapocalypse, The Expendables, The Other Guys, Friday Night Lights, Rubicon, and Mad Men.

Aug 032010
Dinner For Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks is based on a French film called, Le diner de cons by Francis Veber.  From what I hear this version was actually a little meaner and more cold-hearted, but I haven’t seen it.  I’m not here to compare the two at all; I’m here to review the American version with Steve Carell [...]

Jun 072009
The Hangover

If you like “point A to point B” adventure comedies, dick humor, generally raunchy humor, and you’re not watching this movie this weekend, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  I’ve been a big fan of director Todd Phillips since Road Trip (itself another adventure comedy) and knew that even with the disappointing time from Starsky [...]