Apr 162013
Man of Steel Trailer #3

    That first still that WB released of the new Supes flick was questionable.  Any of you that have been following will remember.  The super photoshopped/cg’d shot of him in a smashed up bank vault or whatever.  Like alot of you I was extremely skeptical.  Was Snyder the right choice?  I know I’m in [...]

Sep 142011
Breachcast 102: Sucky Bucky

This week we discuss Spielberg’s plans for the ET Blu Ray, the Book of Mormon movie, Jeffrey Wright leaving Bond, Top Gun 3D, The Party Down movie, Ghostbusters, the Superman costume, Bucky Larson, Contagion, Attack the Block, and Red State.

Aug 102011
Breachcast 98: Trailer Parked

This week we discuss Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, the first image of our new Superman, Louie being renewed, modern day trailers driving us crazy, I Love You Phillip Morris, Undeclared, Elizabethtown, Cowboys and Aliens, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Apr 012011
Zack Snyder fired from Superman, Replaced with Tim Story

We kind of all saw this coming, didn’t we? ¬†Alot of industry insiders were already wary about Snyder’s involvement with Superman, and all the whispering about him possibly being canned from the project got even louder when the buzz on Sucker Punch was largely negative. ¬† So really, it’s not a huge surprise, but what [...]

Mar 302011
Breachcast 80: Ate E

This week we discuss Amy Adams being cast as Lois Lane, Mad Men Season 5 becoming official, the Captain America Trailer, X-Men 4 and 5, Deadpool getting a separate movie, The Dark Knight Rises finishes a trilogy and starts a reboot, The Justice League Movie (that will never happen), Sucker Punch, and Red State.

Oct 062010
Breachcast 57

This week we discuss Zack Snyder directing Superman, the announced villain in the new Superman Movie, Tony Gilroy directing Bourne 4, The Town, The Social Network, Weeds, S!@# my Dad Says, The Event, Mad Men, Dexter, Eastbound and Down, and Undercovers. Please note that we lost count of our podcasts during this recording so while we say it was the 56th, it is in reality the 57th episode.

Sep 292010
Breachcast 56

This week we discuss Aronofsky directing Superman, Star Wars in 3D, Lone Star being cancelled, Jared Harris playing Moriarty, True Grit Trailer, Let Me In, Buried, Monsters, 30 Rock, Undercovers, The Office, Boardwalk Empire, The Event, Lone Star, Terriers, Rubicon, Mad Men, and Sons of Anarchy. Breachcast 56

Jul 142010
Breachcast 46

This week we discuss Ed Norton’s departure as the Hulk from The Avengers, JJ Abrams making Wicked, Superman movie news, Pirahna 3D, films we waited too long to see, Predators, and Louie.

Jun 182010
Trailer: DC Universe Online

There are two reasons I’ve never dared tread into the world of MMO’s: 1. I have, admittedly, a highly addictive personality when it comes to stuff like this. 2. The traditional “medieval land of fantasy and magic” shtick, while appreciated, doesn’t do it for me. It looks like number 2 just got crossed off my [...]