May 012013
Zack's Best 10 of Twenty-Twelve

So, in keeping with my efforts to stay as irrelevant as possible, it’s MAY. We’re more than a month removed from “Awards Season,” Tax Day has come and gone, and Hemlock Grove is, in fact, a pile of poo, and the NFL draft has left the American Football fanbase chuckling at we silly silly Cowboy […]

Jan 082010
Adam's Top Ten Films of 2009

It wasn’t really a tough year for me to do a ten best. It was actually harder for me to trim some of it down than it has been in years past. In a year in which the amount of good outweighs the bad, i would consider it a successful year for movies. I didn’t […]

Aug 222009
Inglourious Basterds

There was a brief moment during Inglourious Basterds where I questioned whether or not I liked it.¬† This was about a third of the way through the film and I just didn’t feel like I was connecting to it in the way that I thought I would have to in order to thoroughly enjoy it […]