Jul 082010
Knight and Day

So I pretty much knew going into this one that I wasn’t going to walk out just tweeting how awesome it was. ¬†I figured I would get some great Cruise’isms, a couple decent action scenes, and a sneering Peter Sarsgaard. ¬†All of that was there, but what I wasn’t counting on was Cameron Diaz’ out [...]

Mar 312010
Trailer: Knight and Day

I know, I know. When you see “Tom Cruise” spread across a marquee there’s a certain connotation attached. For me, as I said with my very first post on this site, I’m an pretty big fan. Save for his couch jumping, I will watch the dude in anything and I don’t think you can argue with the string of relatively good flicks he’s had in the last decade or so. So here’s the new Cruise film, complete with Cameron Diaz. It looks like a mix of From Paris with Love and a dash of True Lies.

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