Apr 042011
Liberated News Chapter 1: Viva la Revolucion!

While this might all be¬†technically news I stole, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty at admitting that I work so extremely little to put up the news for the Breach. It just feels dirty. So, in the spirit of the Sleeper Cell reboot, we’re starting over. For 2011, I felt it would behoove […]

Apr 302010
Sleeper Cell: The Proposition (2006)

A Quick Intro: The Proposition is a perfect movie. There is a museum in Gaithersburg, Maryland that houses the basis for the scientific System Internationale: The NIST Museum. It holds the universal meter (decided upon in 1875) molded in an x-shaped cross section measured to be exactly the distance of one meridian line between Dunkirk, […]