Nov 102010
Breachcast 62

This week we discuss the fact that Conan’s ratings are huge, Good actors, never use the script, Escape From New York gets a remake starring Jeremy Renner, War Machine gets a spinoff movie, Skyline not screened for press ? (Shocked!), Paranormal Activity 2, Walking Dead renewed, Dexter, Eastbound and Down, Boardwalk Empire, Sherlock, and Friday Night Lights.

Oct 062010
Breachcast 57

This week we discuss Zack Snyder directing Superman, the announced villain in the new Superman Movie, Tony Gilroy directing Bourne 4, The Town, The Social Network, Weeds, S!@# my Dad Says, The Event, Mad Men, Dexter, Eastbound and Down, and Undercovers. Please note that we lost count of our podcasts during this recording so while we say it was the 56th, it is in reality the 57th episode.

Jul 252010
The Avengers Have Assembled

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now: ¬†I have officially lost my shit. ¬†As if all of the news surrounding the Avengers movie wasn’t cool enough (Joss Whedon writing/directing, Cap is Evans, etc) things just got a whole lot cooler. ¬†Mark Ruffalo was officially revealed at Comic-Con as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and [...]

Mar 182009
The Hurt Locker

While not a complete waste of time, I couldn’t help but check my watch repeatedly during this movie.  The Hurt Locker follows a bomb squad unit in Iraq in 2004 as they countdown the days left in their deployment.  Based off the accounts of a journalist that witnessed these events while reporting on the War, [...]