Mar 112013
Zack's Take (honestly) on: Oz the Great and Powerful

so this is like redemption day, right? it is. lemme show you. so we’re into the 2nd week of the 3rd month of the year, and i finally get out to my ol’ local cinemaplex to see a movie. what came out earlier this year? dunno. doesn’t matter. if it mattered, i’d know. but i […]

Apr 112011
Your Highness

This is going to be a pretty brief review compared to most of my other word fests.¬† I‚Äôm not here to defend Your Highness to the death.¬† From Joe Fuckface‚Äôs perspective, it may seem like it‚Äôs barely a movie to begin with. ¬†Whenever you mashup two genres, especially two that are so wildly opposite like […]

Nov 182010
Trailer: Your Highness

I’ve been waiting forever it seems for something in the way of a trailer to come out for this movie. ¬†When I read about the concept ages ago, it easily found its way to #1 on my most anticipated comedies list. ¬†Danny McBride and James ‘everyone wishes he was their friend’ Franco as prince brothers […]

Jul 092010
Trailer: Eat, Pray, Love

Instead of a new review of an overlooked movie, I thought it necessary to instead offer a look at the next sure blockbuster. Julia Roberts (the star of such films as Closer, Flatliners and sister to film superstar Eric Roberts (Dark Knight) and aunt to newcomer Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew) is once again showing us all how it’s done.

Eat, Pray, Love is the new movie from Hollywood’s very own Queen of Everything, Julia Roberts (based on the memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert). She stars as some woman unfulfilled by her wonderful life who goes to far off countries in hopes of finding out something true about the universe. She tries to get a divorce, cheats on her husband, studies yoga in India, eats her way through a few months in Italy and cheats on her husband some more in Indonesia. Hooray! It’s okay though, ’cause her husband is the very borderline-attractive Billy Crudup, and she’s doin’ it with James Franco (and maybe Javier Bardem). Also starring Viola Davis (from Knight and Day and Nights in Rodanthe) and Richard Jenkins (of Dear John and Fun with Dick and Jane). Opens August 13 EVERYWHERE!

Apr 062010
Adam's Crawl Space: Deuces Wild

Not since The Boondock Saints has a movie wanted to be so cool and failed so hard.¬† Deuces Wild should have been a pretty interesting movie, but sadly it falls short on everything it attempts to accomplish.¬† The story is vanilla, the characters are boring exaggerations of how real people act and the stylistic choices […]