Feb 232011
Breachcast 76: Farts

This week we discuss Tom Hardy playing Bane and acting in Inceptions sequel(s), David O. Russell ruining your favorite video game franchise, Shane Black saving your favorite comic book franchise, Tim Allen being given yet another second chance, Kevin Costner destroying Snyder’s Superman, The King’s Speech, Our Oscar Predictions, The Office’s triumphant return, and V facilitating the most incomprehensible shootout ever.

Jan 062011
Dustin's Top Ten Films of 2010

Call me lazy, but I’ve talked about a lot of these to the extent that I don’t feel necessary to do so any further. ¬†Honestly, do you really need me to talk about How To Train Your Dragon any more than I do every week on our podcast? ¬†With that said, here’s my list- Top [...]

Jan 032011
Zack's Ten Best Movies of Oh-Ten

I’m gonna be honest – this year-ender is really just the 5 best movies of the year, and then 5 more I kinda liked. While there were at least 3 really really great movies to come out this year, I just couldn’t connect with the majority of box-office fodder in anno domini 2010: the year [...]

Sep 012010
Breachcast Special Edition: Summer 2010 Wrap-Up

This week on a very special episode of The Breachcast, we discuss our favorite hits and misses of Summer 2010. Breachcast Special Edition: Summer 2010 Wrap-Up

Jul 212010
Breachcast 47

This week we discuss our thoughts on images coming from the Green Lantern and Thor films, Mark Ruffalo playing The Hulk in The Avengers, Adam’s new favorite pictures from the new Conan The Barbarian film, Kevin Bacon joining X-Men: First Class, Bill Murray Being Awesome, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Inception, Inception, Inception!

Jul 172010

This will be a strange review for a number of reasons but mainly because of the recommendation I’m about to give. I think to fully grasp everything that’s going on in Inception and fully appreciate it, you have to see it twice. Now realize that I say that without actually having seen it twice myself [...]

Jul 072010
Breachcast 45

This week we discuss early Inception reviews, the end of M. Night, Twilight making a ton of monies, Spiderman’s new star, shady accounting practices with Harry Potter movie, Mad Max getting a does of WETA, Scream 4, no more Bond, The Walking Dead, The Karate Kid (2010), Knight and Day, Louie, Veronica Mars, and Hulu Plus.