Apr 162013
Man of Steel Trailer #3

    That first still that WB released of the new Supes flick was questionable.  Any of you that have been following will remember.  The super photoshopped/cg’d shot of him in a smashed up bank vault or whatever.  Like alot of you I was extremely skeptical.  Was Snyder the right choice?  I know I’m in […]

Apr 042011
Liberated News Chapter 1: Viva la Revolucion!

While this might all be¬†technically news I stole, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty at admitting that I work so extremely little to put up the news for the Breach. It just feels dirty. So, in the spirit of the Sleeper Cell reboot, we’re starting over. For 2011, I felt it would behoove […]

Apr 012011
Zack Snyder fired from Superman, Replaced with Tim Story

We kind of all saw this coming, didn’t we? ¬†Alot of industry insiders were already wary about Snyder’s involvement with Superman, and all the whispering about him possibly being canned from the project got even louder when the buzz on Sucker Punch was largely negative. ¬† So really, it’s not a huge surprise, but what […]