Oct 192011
Breachcast 107: Digital Ultraviolet

This week we discuss Digital Copies, as well as Transformers 4 & 5, Riddick being R Rated, Matt Reeves directing The Twilight Zone, Hostel III being a thing, Green Lantern, Real Steel, Dexter, and The Walking Dead.

Jul 262011
Mid Summer Movie Breakdown

But not like a mental breakdown, more like an En Vogue breakdown.  And not like you’re never going to get it but… Ok well let’s move on then alright?  I don’t know if this will be a regular article or just a one time thing but I wanted to do a more “bloggy”-type write up [...]

Jun 292011
Breachcast 92: Walked Out

This week we discuss James Spader possible joining The Office, Transformers 3 being the best movie ever made, Toy Story 4, Green Lantern sequel, Fast Six getting a release date, John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe, not getting refunds for Tree of Life, Movies we almost walked out on, Martyrs, Generation Kill, Super 8, Wilfred, and Louie.

Jun 222011
Breachcast 91: Explain This

This week we discuss Kate joining The Hobbit, Hellboy 3 not happening, Spielberg firing Megan Fox, the Jack Black Green Lantern that was, Movies we had to have someone explain to us, Highlander, How To Die In Oregon, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, and the finale for The Killing.

Jun 082011
Breachcast 89: Get Some Ham

This week we discuss the Salt sequel, Kevin Smith’s reality TV show, Green Lantern early reactions, Human Centipede sequel banned in the UK, Napoleon Dynamite screening squashed, To Be Or Not To Be, Phantasm II, X-Men: First Class, and The Killing.

May 252011
Breachcast 87: Most Awkward

This week we discuss X-Men: First Class reactions, Edward James Olmos joining Dexter, the makers of Hurt Locker are going to Kill Bin Laden, Star Trek 2 pushed back, 3rd Green Lantern trailer is a must, Michael Shannon’s new movie, most awkward moment in a movie theater, The Rite, and Chicago Code ending. Breachcast 87 [...]

May 052011
Breachcast 84: Boner Bumps

This week we talk about the new Green Lantern trailer, Glee Live 3D, Catfish people directing Paranormal Activity 3, everyone is cast in Rock of Ages, Warner Bros. bought Rotten Tomatoes, the need/want for Special Features, Thor, Arthur (2011), Dylan Dog, Fast Five, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Breachcast 84 – Boner Bumps

Feb 092011
Breachcast 74: Podcast of the Forever

This week we discuss How To Train Your Dragon sequel possibilities, Super Bowl Trailers, a Monsters sequel, Nathan Fillion voicing Green Lantern, James Franco is The Wiz, The Dark Knight Rises, The King’s Speech, There Will Be Blood, The Last Exorcism, The Parking Lot Movie, and The Chicago Code.

Nov 192010
Breachcast 63: Down and Dirty

This week we discuss Conan’s ratings, Your Highness, Green Lantern, Cowboys and Aliens, Unstoppable, The Walking Dead, Terriers, Dexter, Weeds, and Friday Night Lights.

Jul 212010
Breachcast 47

This week we discuss our thoughts on images coming from the Green Lantern and Thor films, Mark Ruffalo playing The Hulk in The Avengers, Adam’s new favorite pictures from the new Conan The Barbarian film, Kevin Bacon joining X-Men: First Class, Bill Murray Being Awesome, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Inception, Inception, Inception!