Jan 072011
Zack's Best Ten of Oh-Ten: Music Edition

So I complained my butt off in my year-ending movie list about how there was just no good product out there. Which wasn‚Äôt really true. There were a buncha good movies, but compared to the killer year that was ‚Äô09, maybe I was expecting too much. Either way, year after year, I am¬†never let down […]

Mar 052010
Sleeper Cell: Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

Ok, quick and to the point: I love this movie so much I want to buy it jewelry and ask it to move in. Yeah‚Ķ But I really didn‚Äôt have a choice from the very first thirty seconds. Patrick Fugit (the dude from Almost Famous) leans over and puts on a record. Tom Waits‚Äô “Dead […]