Aug 102010
The Other Guys

With the comedy sorely lacking this summer, we all needed The Other Guys pretty badly.¬† Dinner For Schmucks, was funny and did get unnecessarily blasted but after seeing director Adam McKay‚Äôs return to the format over the weekend, Jay Roach‚Äôs movie was clearly just an appetizer.¬† McKay is now without a doubt, the best, purest […]

Apr 232010
Sleeper Cell: Southland Tales (2006)

This is the way the world ends. Not with a whimper but a bang. There’s no right place to begin with Southland Tales. The movie is Richard Kelly’s follow up to his cult hit Donnie Darko. In short … ok. There is no¬†short version. The story is pretty ridiculously complicated. But the plot? We can […]