May 012013
Zack's Best 10 of Twenty-Twelve

So, in keeping with my efforts to stay as irrelevant as possible, it’s MAY. We’re more than a month removed from “Awards Season,” Tax Day has come and gone, and Hemlock Grove is, in fact, a pile of poo, and the NFL draft has left the American Football fanbase chuckling at we silly silly Cowboy [...]

May 062011
Dustin Got All Thor(ny)

What can I say about Thor that hasn’t already been bellowed from every other blog mountain? I liked it, didn’t love it. It was enjoyable, but not necessarily good. Performances all around were solid. But I guess I should fill out a few paragraphs right? I can’t just say “it’s worth your money but not your 3D money” and then move on can I? Ok fine, here we go.

Jul 252010
The Avengers Have Assembled

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now: ¬†I have officially lost my shit. ¬†As if all of the news surrounding the Avengers movie wasn’t cool enough (Joss Whedon writing/directing, Cap is Evans, etc) things just got a whole lot cooler. ¬†Mark Ruffalo was officially revealed at Comic-Con as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and [...]