Nov 032010
Breachcast 61

This week we discuss Ghostbusters 3 shooting date, Skyline advertising, casting on The Dark Knight Rises, cameo for X-Men: First Class, Chris Evans being ripped, Life As We Know It, The Walking Dead, Ghost Hunters Live, Terriers, Dexter, Eastbound and Down, and Sherlock. Breachcast 61

Jul 252010
The Avengers Have Assembled

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now: ¬†I have officially lost my shit. ¬†As if all of the news surrounding the Avengers movie wasn’t cool enough (Joss Whedon writing/directing, Cap is Evans, etc) things just got a whole lot cooler. ¬†Mark Ruffalo was officially revealed at Comic-Con as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and [...]

Apr 232010
The Losers

I’ve been pretty hyped for this flick since I saw the trailer a few weeks back. I even went as far as to tell a friend recently that I thought The Losers might even out-A-Team the A-Team film that releases later this summer. To the person that I told that, you have my full permission [...]

Mar 242010
Breachcast XXXII

This week we discuss Chris Evans as Captain America, Transformers 3 casting news, Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men franchise, Nintendo 3DS, SXSW 2010, The Bounty Hunter, Ninja Assassin, Dustin breaks up with Parenthood, Lost, and God of War III.

Mar 232010
News: Chris Evans officially Captain America

The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that Chris Evans has officially accepted the role of Captain America for Joe Johnston’s First Avenger: Captain America.¬† Evans reportedly took a few days to mull it over, but honestly did we really think he’d decline?¬† What actor turns down a potential 3 picture deal and the opportunity to [...]

Mar 192010
News: Chris Evans is Captain America...if he wants it

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive claiming that Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) has been offered the role of Steve Rogers/Cap in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America. There could be one minor complication though, and that would be Chris Evans has already committed to shooting What’s Your Number? with Anna Farris this summer. ¬†To [...]