Apr 112011
Your Highness

This is going to be a pretty brief review compared to most of my other word fests.¬† I‚Äôm not here to defend Your Highness to the death.¬† From Joe Fuckface‚Äôs perspective, it may seem like it‚Äôs barely a movie to begin with. ¬†Whenever you mashup two genres, especially two that are so wildly opposite like […]

Nov 182010
Trailer: Your Highness

I’ve been waiting forever it seems for something in the way of a trailer to come out for this movie. ¬†When I read about the concept ages ago, it easily found its way to #1 on my most anticipated comedies list. ¬†Danny McBride and James ‘everyone wishes he was their friend’ Franco as prince brothers […]