Nov 032010
News I Stole from Magazines I Read 4: I Was a Teenage News I Stole! (now with working, better-tasting links!)

Unless it‚Äôs a Thursday night and I‚Äôm doing my best to bang out a Sleeper Cell, I generally can‚Äôt stay up too long past midnight. I‚Äôm nearing the age when that‚Äôs just not feasible anymore ‚Ķ which is sad, but allows me to drink caffeinated coffee regardless of the hour. So when I‚Äôm at the […]

Jul 282010

Salt’s got a problem. A pretty big problem. I’m actually referring to the film itself when I say Salt and that problem is that Inception is preventing people from seeing it. But is that really a shame? Should you give Salt a fair shake? Will that be the one and only shit pun I use […]