Apr 042011
Liberated News Chapter 1: Viva la Revolucion!

While this might all be¬†technically news I stole, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty at admitting that I work so extremely little to put up the news for the Breach. It just feels dirty. So, in the spirit of the Sleeper Cell reboot, we’re starting over. For 2011, I felt it would behoove […]

Mar 152010
She's Out of My League

Let’s start with this- ¬†Jay Baruchel is what we would get if Michael Cera and Christian Slater fucked and had a kid.¬† He‚Äôs got the awkwardness of MC; that similar brand of comic timing that incorporates weird pauses and half-mumbling. ¬†He also sounds almost exactly like Christian Slater. I mean, it‚Äôs seriously scary.¬† It goes […]