Jul 102012
Breachcast 137: Cucumber Patch

This week we lament the loss of Ernest Borgnine, discuss The Dark Knight Rises getting a standing ovation, the Assassin’s Creed adaptation, Catfish, Wrath of the Titans, The Adjustment Bureau, 21 Jump Street, Paul, Chronicle, Hesher, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Amazing Spider-man, Louie, The Newsroom, and Game of Thrones.

May 312012
Sleeper Cell: Da bing xiao jiang (Little Big Soldier) (2010)

so, in honor of the heart attack i nearly had a week ago, i’m gonna love up jackie chan a little bit here. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you’re on the wrong websites. jackie chan let it slip at cannes this year that his new film CHINESE ZODIAC would be his last action […]

May 042012
Zack says, "Go see The Avengers."

Briefly… it’s been awhile since i’ve taken on a superhero flick here on the breach. i passed on thor and cap and hulk and lantern and whatever else might have popped up in there that i’m leaving out. not enough DC i say. but the last time i was here talking about men with super-suits […]

Apr 302012
Memo to Warner Bros: WE ALL GET IT

Update: The trailer I’m referring to in this article is now released.  Doesn’t really have an impact on what I’m attempting to say though.  Read on if you’re bored.     I’m going to keep this extremely simple, short and sweet. Everyone on planet Earth knows a Batman movie is coming out this summer, WB. […]

Apr 132012
The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition - Launch Trailer

Tomorrow I’ll be constantly reminding myself that I’m an adult and adults don’t go out and buy things they want just because they want them. Instead, they post trailers of them on websites, gush about how they want them, feign restraint, and get meta in an introductory paragraph. Currently, I’m in chapter two of The […]

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Apr 122012
Ni No Kuni: Wraith of the White Witch - English Trailer

It’s the gaming and movie equivalent of those Taco Bell Dorito tacos. I mean, as anybody whose ever seen a Studio Ghibli film, why wouldn’t you want to play something with that kind of emotional scope, visual beauty, and epic score as a game? Whether or not this will be any good remains to be […]

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Apr 122012
Zack's Take on: The Mite Peckish Games

so i was reading over some of my old reviews deciding how i should start this new one, and i discovered that i disproportionately begin my posts with the word “so.” what’s the explanation? i figure it’s that in the world of the internet, we aren’t separated by time or distance, so much as we are […]

Mar 252012
Sleeper Cell is Late to the Party for: The Woman in Black

so i waited about a month or so (prolly longer) to actually go see this movie. and then i waited about a month to write the review. and then i guess another month to finally post it here. so whatevs. in any case, this’ll be going up right around the time this movie comes out […]

Mar 192012

There’s a part of me that feels guilty about admitting this. After all, we here at the Breach are nothing if not the pinnacle of movie reviewing professionalism, providing the entertainment starved masses with sharp, timely, movie and video game reviews that delve deeper than those of our brothers in blogging. So it is with […]

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Jan 112012
Adam's Crawl Space: Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star

  I like to think I provide  a service to the Breach faithful.  I like to think that.  Do I actually believe that?  No, not really.  I mean, most of the garbage I decide to dive into you folks wouldn’t even get close enough to sniff.  Still, I feel weirdly compelled to continue on and […]

Dec 072011
Breachcast 114: Tweet Seats

This week we discuss the Starship Troopers remake, Benicio Del Toro leaving Star Trek 2 but Robocop stepping in, the Jaws ride shutting down at Universal Orlando, Wrath of the Titans and hair, Insidious 2 being announced, the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, whether movie theaters should adopt “Tweet Seats,” The Munsters being remade, Terriers, Warrior, Millennium, and Tyrannosaur.

Nov 032011
Review: Trollhunter

  There’s a large, gaping hole left in a weird, over looked film genre, I think. I’m not even sure it could be referred to as an official “genre;” I just feel as though I haven’t seen a movie like Ghostbusters in a long time.  I’m talking about a movie that takes a generally scary […]

Sep 062011
Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal Weaver’s wife, Emily, wants a divorce. She also banged another dude that she works with. David Lindhagen is his name. Within the first 10-15 minutes, Cal (Steve Carrell) is divorced from Emily (Julianne Moore) and getting dating and style lessons from the nicest “should-be-a-douche-but-isn’t” alpha male on the planet in the form of Jacob […]