Apr 112011

This is going to be a pretty brief review compared to most of my other word fests.  I’m not here to defend Your Highness to the death.  From Joe Fuckface’s perspective, it may seem like it’s barely a movie to begin with.  Whenever you mashup two genres, especially two that are so wildly opposite like fantasy and comedy you are asking a lot of your audience and obviously taking a risk.  David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Your Highness took the risk and set out to make a stoner fantasy comedy.  They wanted to give the world their own version of The Princess Bride essentially.

I absolutely hate to do this in reviews because I think it’s a cheap tactic used to run and hide from traditional analysis of a flick, but I have to warn you all that if you do not like Danny McBride you will probably be face palming for the runtime of this movie.  There, I said it.  Granted, there will also be a very small percentage of McBride fans that are going to pass on this as well, but they’re going to be in the minority for sure.  As for me personally, the unashamed McBride fan?  I ate up every second of this shit.  It’s juvenile, it’s ridiculously filthy and it’s refilled my ever dwindling reserve of comedy movie quotes.

The plot is fairly by the numbers for a fantasy flick, with a few tweaks on genre staples.  McBride plays a loser prince, Thadeous.  Thadeous loafs around chasing tail, being an asshole and smoking weed all day.  His brother, James Franco’s Fabious, is the good son out questing and being all knightly/princely/future kingly and shit.  Fabious returns from one of his recent quests having rescued a maiden, Belladonna played by Zooey Deschanel and has decided to marry her.  But of course, during their ceremony she is kidnapped by evil wizard Lezar (a fantastic Justin Theroux) in order to fulfill a ritual in which he will give her some sex and birth a dragon.   I always wanted to bang a broad and knock her up with a dragon.

The two prince brothers set out on a quest to recover Belladonna.  Thadeous is naturally resistant to this plan at first.  He’d much rather stay in the castle and “strum his filthies” to pass the time.  Along the way they meet up with a smoking hot badass ass-kicking Natalie Portman and hilarity as they say, ensues.

I don’t really want to give away a lot of the good shit in this movie.  I’d stay away from the red band trailers that are on the net as they definitely give away some of the better gags, though there is still enough other good stuff sprinkled throughout.  Justin Theroux as the evil wizard guy really does steal the scenes he’s in.  McBride is of course himself, and why would we want anything else?  I love the man’s shtick, what can I say?  I don’t see myself growing tired of it anytime soon.  Franco is yet again loveable, with shades of noble hero thrown in for good measure.  It’s really hard to dislike that man even though he managed to piss off everyone in Hollywood.

It’s a solid cast, there’s rampant disgusting humor that will likely make your mother hate it and yes it has Natalie Portman’s ass like we’ve all seen in the trailers.  But forget her naked bum for a second because it also features Zooey Deschanel’s superbly sculpted cleavage in a lot of the scenes and they are forever burned into my perverted memory.  You want filth and McBride?  Go see this shit.  If you lean towards the film snobbery side of things, it’s a decent rental for you.

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  • James

    I’m not entirely sure what people expected from this movie. Is it the difference between people who only know McBride from his appearances in Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express VS. the Eastbound & Down crowd? I really want to see this and I love Eastbound: am I safe?

    • http://www.mediabreach.com Adam

      It’s not exactly medieval Kenny Powers, but the same basic character traits are there. Loser, asshole who loves walking the line of being a totally awful person a someone who you can care about. Catch a matinee.

  • http://www.mediabreach.com Dustin

    Agreed all around, sir. You and I would gargle McBride’s hog but I understand the rest of the world is full of people that hate America.

  • http://www.selectfactoring.co.uk/ Sally Dill

    Great movie! About Your Highness whatever you wrote is really great! I watch it and still waiting for the next allocate. Keep it up though!