Feb 102011

The first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men First Class is now on the web. ¬†If you’d like to skip the snark, scroll on down below and hit the embed up. ¬†I don’t think this teaser is bad necessarily, not even close. ¬†It’s worse. ¬†A bad trailer will make me feel something at least. ¬†This, however, did nothing. ¬† Of course my ass will still be in the seat because I still would like to see the final product of Matthew Vaughn’s retro-mutant entry into the franchise. ¬†The guy earned enough cred with me for Kick-Ass and the crminially underrated Stardust, so I have to give this a shot. ¬†Also, this has January Jones in it. ¬† Boobs.

Click the embed below!

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  • James

    It is pretty meh but I had sincerely hoped that it wouldn’t be associated with the previous movies. Oh well. Just FYI, Adam, their going after this look with Beast http://thatcostumegirl.com/gallery/d/417-1/astonishing-x-men-1-100k-1.jpg which, in the comics, is after he had mutated further and became more feline like.

    • http://www.mediabreach.com Adam

      Ah, I see. I still don’t really like it, but then again I’ve only seen a quick glimpse of him.

      I would imagine that being connected with the other films is the only way this thing even got greenlit. If they can’t have more Wolverine, they were at least going to show everyone that it’s connected to the movies that did have him. No Wolverine in this movie is going to hurt it’s chances severely with Joe Q. Fuckface.

  • http://www.mediabreach.com Dustin

    I think I’m easy to please, I’m sold. And this is after hating part three to the point of having no faith, not unfounded as it were, in the first Wolverine film.

    That said, I have the utmost faith in Mr. Vaughn.

  • Anonymous

    i dunno. i think this looks pretty awesome. of course, i’m kinda gay for michael fassbender. mattie vaughan to the rescue!