Nov 182010

I’ve been waiting forever it seems for something in the way of a trailer to come out for this movie. ¬†When I read about the concept ages ago, it easily found its way to #1 on my most anticipated comedies list. ¬†Danny McBride and James ‘everyone wishes he was their friend’ Franco as prince brothers saving the land in a medieval fantasy epic? ¬†Just knowing that alone, you already know this could very well be the greatest movie ever made. ¬†Add to that the fact that its written by McBride and Ben Best, directed by Pineapple Express and Eastbound and Down legend David Gordon Green, throw in Natalie Portman in a thong and you don’t even have to guess anymore. ¬†This WILL be the finest motion picture in the history of cinema and could very well make all other films completely irrelevant.

Although this is a red band trailer, which typically give a little too much away, I think we’re safe. ¬†This movie should be stuffed full of funny shit, so don’t feel guilty for watching this. ¬†Besides, there isn’t a green band trailer around to post and after watching this, it’s not hard to understand why. ¬†It’s not going to be easy for them to cut a green band that gets across the tone of the movie properly, which is probably why this got released first.

Watch this. ¬†Tell your friends. ¬†Annoy the shit out of them like I am to you right now. ¬†It’s not safe for work also, fyi.

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  • James

    I love the premise. I love the genres. I love the actors. But while a fan of it, I’m really hoping the comedy isn’t solely derived from well placed cuss words. Even if it is, Natalie Portman has never been particularly “hot” to me until I saw this trailer.

  • Dustin

    In the words of Fred Simmons-

    “I can’t even believe [this]’s something that’s real.”

    Very awesome.