Nov 162010

UPDATED WITH EMBEDDED VIDEO (see bottom of post) 11-17-10

I was going to wait until I found a suitable embed to put here in the post, but the only one really making the rounds is a choppy, spanish subtitled mess that I refuse to link to here. ¬†But that’s ok, because who needs a crappy youtubed version of this beautiful trailer when you can just click right here and watch it in the holiest of all formats: Apple’s Quicktime.

Entertainment Tonight tried their best to dumb this thing down with their short preview the other day, into something stupid and silly, but thankfully the real deal is much better and more focused. ¬†I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m the Green Lantern expert (that’d be James) but hot damn does this thing look sweet. ¬†I was already fairly hyped, but consider me ultra mega super hyped now. ¬†CLICK HERE AND WATCH RYAN REYNOLDS IN HIS UNDERWEAR.

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  • James

    I have an energy construct in my pants.

    • Adam

      what do you think of the cg suit? I grabbed a few high def screenshots of the trailer and oddly, the suit looks better in motion than it did static. It just looks weird in pictures for some reason.

      My pants are tight.

      • James

        I like it a lot, actually. It fits perfectly with what they’re trying to do which is something, I think, the comics either never considered doing or felt it’d be too time consuming to reproduce which is: make the suit look like it’s an energy construct as opposed to fabric or anything solid. Which is great, IMO; why would something that makes energy constructs almost exclusively make fabric? Especially with a novice ring user? I can see where somebody who wasn’t familiar with GL would think it looked “fakey” or something but I think this is one instance where CG’s limitations might be okay visually.

        That said, this is either going to put off the general movie going public or they are going to love it. I’m leaning toward the later because kids are going to go apeshit over it and parents will have to pay their child tax in movie tickets and GL paraphernalia so they force themselves to be okay with it at least.

        It’s still going to be weird for a lot of people though because, god damn, I can’t believe they’re going so in depth with GL mythos. The general populace is definitely going to overwhelmed. Everything in that trailer is spot fucking on. From Abin Sur – the alien that gives him the ring – to Oa – The corps planet head quarters – it looks like everybody who made this movie gave a shit about the source material.

        And yes, I’m officially nerding the fuck out.

        • Adam

          that’s actually a really good explanation for the costume being cg.

          as for them really digging into the GL mythos and whatnot, i think they’ll strike a good balance there. They did that so as not to alienate fanboys, knowing that the general public will just glaze over that anyway and be all, “OOOOH PRETTY COLORS”

          i hope this makes some bank because i want sequels.

          • James

            Sequels and eventually, a Justice League movie. Bale, Reynolds, Hamm…goddamit I want Jon Hamm to be supes.

          • Adam

            he’s just too old. it can’t happen.

            but it should.