Jul 252010

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now: ¬†I have officially lost my shit. ¬†As if all of the news surrounding the Avengers movie wasn’t cool enough (Joss Whedon writing/directing, Cap is Evans, etc) things just got a whole lot cooler. ¬†Mark Ruffalo was officially revealed at Comic-Con as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Jeremy Renner was also officially unveiled as Hawkeye.

I was already pretty jazzed for this movie, but this just sealed the deal. ¬†Nevermind that we broke the ‘RUFFALO IS FOR SURE THE HULK’ story on Breachcast 47, we’re not going to give ourselves props for that. ¬†Seriously, we don’t want you all to come in here and credit us with confirming that Ruffalo is The Hulk. ¬†We’re just doing our job reporting on things and confirming them with no thought of reward, really.

So there you have it.  A cast of awesome people with an equally awesome director helming the project.  My ass will be in the seat for the midnight showing on this one, folks.  Do yourself a favor and click the link below to see the full Avengers rundown as well as pics of them together on stage.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  • Zack_S

    ruffalo has never done anything not awesome. even that movie where witherspoon is a pseudoghost was ok. love renner as hawkeye.